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without barriers - Agency of blind programmers

Specialized agency for the development of software for blind users of computers and other IT services.
Basic activity of Agency INSERT is the development of specialized software for the blind and visually impaired computer users . We develop software based on speech technologies, services for automatic spoken informations, training and education, entertainment and Audio transmission. Detailed
  1. Accessible Viber

    Jaws scripts for ViberPC DetailedPresentationDownload AccessibleViber 1.0.130 (96mb)
  2. Glas

    Speech program for the Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian. DetailedPresentationDownload Software Glas 1.0.320 (248mb)
  3. A common telephone directory for BiH

    Free program for acquiring information about all subscribers - both, of fixed and mobile telephony for the whole country. DetailedPresentationDownload - BiHDirectory 1.0 (53kb)
  4. Electronic voting of persons with disabilities in elections

    Programs and devices for independent voting for totally blind, visually impaired, illiterate, elderly people and those with mobility problems. DetailedPresentation
  5. INSERT Radio

    Interactive educational internet radio for the blind. Every day from 09.00 to 17.00 DetailedListen using WinampListen using Windows Media Player
  6. Mobis

    Mobis is a new voice for mobile phones. It can be installed on all phones that installed Talks premium. DetailedPresentationDownload program Mobis (2.5mb)
  7. Bis

    The first Bosnian speech synthesis program. DetailedPresentation
  8. Bis for the Macedonian language.

    Speech synthesis for the Macedonian language. DetailedPresentation
  9. Online education

    The organizing of education process for blind computer users. DetailedPresentation
  10. PC Sound Assistant

    Program for self- education of blind computer users. DetailedPresentation
  11. computer Concepts

    Educational games for learning some of the most commonly used English terms In computer science. DetailedPresentation
  12. Simulation of Braille typewriter

    A special program for using the conventional keyboard as a braille typewriter. DetailedPresentation
  13. Learning Braille

    A game for those who want to learn Brail through fun and play DetailedPresentation
  14. Adaptation of literature for the blind and visually impaired

    Converting school and other forms of literature into the special digital format. DetailedDownload an example - the UN Convention (197kb)
  15. Digital or electronic tests

    Adjusting or adaptation, adapting school tests for the blind and visually impaired students. Detailed
  16. Nota software

    Music education program for the blind. DetailedPresentation
  17. Mathematics and Physics

    Program for learning braille characters used in mathematics and physics. DetailedPresentation
  18. Audio edition of News from the Web

    Automated acquisition, processing, and reading the latest news from the Internet at a set time periods. Detailed
  19. News reader

    By one click you can download all the latest news from the region. Detailed
  20. Talking clock for computer

    Program with voice clock, alarm, calendar, and stopwatch. DetailedPresentation
  21. Keyboard Sound

    Program for learning the keyboard, Braille alphabet, proper typing, Jaws screen reader shortcuts and shortcuts for basic Windows programs. Sound spelling book for children. DetailedPresentation
  22. online Conference

    By one move make live audio transmission from your computer to thousands of listeners. DetailedPresentation
  23. The video description

    Customizing movies for the blind Detailed
  24. Combine Sound Couples

    Games for blind children. Detailed
  25. Audio newspapers on the internet

    All audio newspapers from the region in one place Detailed

  1. Agencija Insert
    Representative Office in Sarajevo:
    Hamdo Kentra
    Phone: +38761183220
    Address: Hifzi Bjelevca 20, 71210 Ilidža Sarajevo
    Representative Office in Nis:
    Dragan Miljojčić
    Phone: +381644826730
    Address: Paraćinska 25, 18000 Niš
  2. Information about the agency:
    identification Number: 4301963920002, Sarajevo.
    bank account: 1610000089030006, RAIFFEISEN BANK DD.
    Foreign Exchange Account:
    BANK: RAIFFEISEN BANK DD Bosna i Hercegovina
    address: Zmaja od Bosne bb, Sarajevo BiH
    IBAN: BA391611000001606475